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The Story

As a singer, I often encountered remnants of my lipstick being left on the microphone or on my teeth while speaking and taking pictures. Although the compliments after exiting the stage were there, the hesitancy of entering the next moments existed as well. Once I found my perfect lipstick formula, it was the “YOUR LIPSTICK IS STILL ON!” that motivated me to share my creation with the world. The research and motivation from MUA’s and chemists, as well as the testing on myself, family, and friends, led me to embrace the cosmetic industry.

I titled each LoveLips color with the names of the women and girls within my family who encouraged me through conversation to be every version of myself. Created for the many cultures, personalities, age groups, skin complexions and lip tones out there, LoveLips kissed by AlgebraB caters to the conservative calm and the wildfire in us all. Get the lips that set you free!

The Face Behind Your
Favorite Lipstick

LoveLips kissed by AlgebraB was created by me, Algebra Blessett, to speak to the many facets of personalities in us all. As a creative by nature, performing artist, and a family-oriented person, there is never a moment where sharing, giving, and loving isn’t top priority. With all of the conversations, cocktails, and kisses that are constantly being interchanged , I wanted a lipstick that's incredibly easy to apply and that could withstand our lives as we wonder through beautifully. Every human should have lips that speak power, truth, authenticity, and elude a sense of boldness that is never compromised!

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